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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  December 6, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EST

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no patrol the day after. just over 8 inches of accumulation, freezing roads and a slew of accidents on the roadways. we'll have the latest on the first snowfall of the season. and the health care battle in the home stretch. the president makes a rare visit to the capitol today to rally the troops. week 13 for the nfl and the skins try to get back in the win column. it won't be easy. the undefeated new orleans saints come to town with a huge chip on one coach's shoulder. >> i'm melanie alnwick.
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>> and i'm sarah simmons. tired of hosting for the holidays? we have some great vacation getaways that won't broke the bank. and plenty of snowfall across the d.c. region. a couple of cars out there on the roadway. it looks like they're traveling okay. >> gwen tolbert is tracking all of this for us. and tell us what we can expect for the weekend. hopefully a lot drier. >> a lot drier but cold is the operative word for today. the storm has moved well up the eastern seaboard. and new england got battered with it last night. a ridge of high pressure is in control. a few clouds to the west of us, but other than that, we'll see plenty of sunshine today. take a look at some of the numbers in some of our counties yesterday. 8 inches of snowfall in
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frederick county. jest over 7 in montgomery county d loudoun 8 and many over 8 inches of snowfall. take a look the at morning -- at the morning temperatures. it is cold. overnight lows dipped to the 20s and that caused a problem because a lot of precipitation on the roads and sidewalks, very icy and a lot of patches that are pretty dangerous. here is a look at the wind and with the winds and the teams, we have windchills. so it feels like it's in the 20s across the area and today will be a chilly day with the sun very bright. so 40 degrees, plenty of sunshine, winds light. as we move through into tonight with the high pressure it will be cold. bundle up. your full five-day forecast just ahead. the wintery weather was to blame for a slew of accidents
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on the roadways. the worst was a 14 car pileup in chantilly, virginia. >> the scene has since been cleared. it happened at 8:30 over road 28 at sully road. investigators say ice on the road caused the accident. one car did catch fire but that was quickly under control. only one person had to be taken to a hospital. but this was just one of the many problems out on the roadways last night. >> v-dot is warning drivers the icy conditions could be even worse this morning. the primary roads in leesberg seem to be in good shape but it's been a battle to say the least. loudoun and western prince william was hit the hardest. v-dot was teated bridges and over passes on friday morning and they had 250 truck on the road and then stepped it up
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more last night. some felt caught off guard when the snow fell hard and fast. >> when the roads hadn't been properly cleared i think they thought the rain would take care of it and it didn't. >> many focused on the subdivisions to put down sand but still things are slick in areas. and similar scene in d.c. the snow started to taper off by 7:30 last night but be warned, there could still be icy roads and slick sidewalks out there. for most of us dealing with the snow can be a hassle, but from shoveling and salting and then trying to drive in it, it doesn't have to be that way. for some kids, the first snowfall of the year is fun. we're on snow patrol in college park, maryland. >> reporter: it was a picture postcard snow blanketing rockville road.
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>> i didn't know until near the middle of the day and i ooked out and saw it. >> reporter: just in time to build a snowman and drop fuel on the neighborhood snow ball feud. >> we have a big thing goes with our neighbors with big snow ball fights. usually our neighbor will come out and we can nail him. >> every time it snows we have big snow ball fights and we win always. >> reporter: whereven a late arrival gets drafted quickly. >> it's fun because my mom and dad are usually at work and so now they can actually come out and make snow men and have fun with us. >> reporter: while rockville was plowing out, no snow shoveled need in laurel. >> and the roads coming home, how were they? >> they weren't bad at all. >> reporter: but still why go out when you can stay in and
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get more tv channels. >> they were happy to see me to know they could get cable today. it was good for them. >> reporter: jessica weinstein, fox 5 news. >> and all things are moving good at airports and there were some late starts from bwi with flights from new england. you might want to check ahead for today. and photographers are not the only ones bringing images of the first snowfall. some of you have e-mailed us our picks. keep them coming. this is a shop from herndon. a viewer pulled out the ruler and you can see four inches of that patio and that was early in the afternoon, while it was still snowing. to the virginia mountains where this photo is from shenandoah mountain. and on top of the firewood
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there too. and then this one, with the help of her parents, 3-year-old josie made her first snowman of the season and this one came from white summit point in west virginia. quite a large snowman there too. we'll continue to share more photos with you throughout the broadcast. thanks to everyone who sent their photos to us at can you do. just find our winter weather tool box on the home page. and old man winter not just causing problems for us. from tennessee and georgia and alabama, all places not used to the wintery mix. and even lousiana and mississippi got snowfall. drivers in the south don't usually get these kind of slick conditions. >> i am worried about the pickup truck because i don't have much weight in the back and with this kind of weather, you might know it might hit slick spots. >> you have to go slower. i advise anybody pulling a boat or trailer to go slower. >> and this is the first
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snowfall for many states in both the north and south. our snow patrol coverage continues on from the latest forecast to road conditions, everything you need to know is right on our home page. the white house now pulling out the big guns for the health care battle. the president will make a rare visit to capitol hill today to urge senate democrats to try to resolve their differences on the health care reform bill. escalated -- slated to meet with the democratic caucus. the season at is debating several reform proposals. biggest sticking points are home health and insurance for executive pay. molly henenberg breaks down the session from capitol hill. >> reporter: in a rare saturday session, senators from both parties tackled proposed amendments to health care legislation. >> it seems to me that we owe them nothing less than the same level of commitment to the task of bringing quality, affordable
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health care within their reach. >> reporter: republicans are pushing an amendment by nebraska republican senator mike jo hans that would stop home health services but that was defeated. >> these are truly some of the most vulnerable americans that receive these services and the cuts are placed directly on their backs. >> reporter: the debate is causing sparring and finger points on both parties. >> no benefit will be cut for any senior under this plan. >> one of the phrases throughout the campaign, if you like the insurance policy you have, you can keep it. you tell me how people who are now on medicare advantage can keep it under this proposal. it is impossible. >> reporter: sunday lawmakers are expected to debate a democratic amendment which proposes a limit on tax deductions for executive salaries. it would apply to health insurers who get a quarter of their income from the newman
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date to buy coverage. >> what it does do is it says we will not subsidize that with tax dollars. >> last night democrats defeated a republican move for medicare cuts and the vote failed. it was the last chance republicans had to stop the cuts to medicare. well another big story. a top democrat admits he recommended his girlfriend for a government job. the head of the republican party is calling for an ethics investigation. montana senator max baucus is defending his recommendation that his girlfriend hold a job. balk us divorced his wife last april after 25 years of marriage and started dates hanes. just a horrific scene in
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russia. a nightclub packed with people went up in flames and the death toll continues to rise. we'll show you that story coming up. and also ahead, a rally in the rein to put 9/11 terror suspects on trial in new york. and the skins have their work cut out for them today. the undefeated saints and an old friend comes to town. we'll have the details when we return. warm pillsbury cookies
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made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur. making headlines this morning, the death toll now sits at 112 from a fire at a russian nightclub. more than 130 people were hospitalized. the russian president is demanding that the nation tighten its fire codes. this is video shot as the fire was just breaking out. the nightclub had only one exit and a ceiling made out of twigs. panicked clubbers made a break for the one door and wound up trapped inside. it turns out fireworks sparked
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the flames. club was supposed to be updating the building to make it safer but they were scheduled to report on the progress tomorrow. a stunning admission from the pentagon now. defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. has not had good intelligence on the whereabouts of osama bin laden for years and did not report that he had been seen in afghanistan. the leader of al-qaeda is believed to be hiding in pakistan. the troop surge under way. marines parachuted down from helicopters as part of operation cobras anger. new deployment have been signed for more than half of the troops called for by the president. most are headed for afghanistan where the taliban is dug in.
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>> the taliban don't provide clean water, school, health care, they just scare the hell out of people. >> if we see someone digging in an ied on a roadside, he deserves to die and we're going to kill him. >> there were reports that 7 fighters were killed in the first round and they put i at 11 killed and five captures. those are 9/11 families protesting against the plan to bring the 9/11 terror suspects to trial in new york city. group is called the never forget coalition. they held another rally in manhattan this weekend. >> they are protesting the trial in the same city where so many lost their lives. we see the deep position and -- on each position. >> reporter: victims family members, first responders and firefighters who came to voice their opposition to the decision to bring this terror trial to new york city say not
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only is it a bad decision, it's a potentially catastrophic one as well. >> i'm here because i don't want the trials in new york. we were attacked on o soil and this is military, this isn't a civil trial. >> they don't deserve the right to be protected under -- constitution when they want to destroy our country and this is a travesty to to have this trial in new york yetsy. >> reporter: some believe this is the right decision. jim richards is a former deputy chief with the new york fire department who lost his son in the world trade center. >> we have no accountability for my son who was 29 years old and all he did was go to work and help people. i want them tried and convicted and let's move on because we've suffered too many yearsism the debate will continue. 9/11 never forget foundation says more rallies are planned
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for the future. laura engal, fox news. >> no date has been announced for the five suspects or their first court appearance. well the state of the skins has been in flux all season. now comes in the undefeated new orleans saints. >> they come with an old redskins friend manning the d. dave ross is here. >> just when they need a challenge. let's bring in the best of the nfl and a guy that used to be here and could have a chip on his shoulder. but sometimes it's good to go home again unless you don't think of the old place as home. you see, gregg williams once thought to be a shoe in to replace joe gibbs as the new head coach, well vinnie cerrato and dan snyder decided on jim zorn. now williams is back with avengance. gregg williams served as the
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coordinator for the defense from 2004 to 2007. washington's defense was ranked in the top 10 each and every year. last year he was in jacksonville as the defensive coordinator, today he returns to fedex in charge of the saints defense and the redskins know exactly what to expect. >> i know greg. i like greg. he'll come out here and no holds barred, show us the whole kitchen and the sink. you name it. he's throwing it at us. but you have to expect that. >> like i said, jason, you better get ready. you'll be on the ground this season. all of the guys will be prepared for it. coach has a good plan and he'll send different blitz and so many different oks. >> normally in the nfl you don't run up the score on the opponent, but if there was ever a coach that would love nothing more than to stick it to his old bosses, that would be gregg williams today. he would love to show dan snyder and vinnie cerrato they made a huge mistake in letting
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him go. i have a guy named drew brees who might be the nfl mvp right now. how do you stop that. >> albert haynesworth. >> melanie doing his homework. they're hoping he plays today and if he does, maybe they have a chance. >> thanks, dave. >> it's a big maybe. well she is no stranger to controversy. sarah palin making a stop in virginia. it's part of her ongoing book tour across the state. hear how ma braved the cold to wait and meet the former vice president candidate. taking a trip during the holidays. for some that might not be such a bad idea. some great holiday vacation deals still out there. (dial-up modem)
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[ music ] it did look pretty outside. it sure packed a punch while it lasted. a live look outside after the first snowfall of the year. good to see roads are clear. some areas got more than eight
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inches and others just a couple. drivers are being warned that some roads could be icier than last night. well here are some stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. global warming. tomorrow the united nations conference on climate change kicked off in denmark. the 11-day seminar will bring together leaders from over 190 nations. one of the top goals is to get nations to eliminate the carbon outfit. tomorrow the president will deliver a speech on the economy and expected to target job creation. the talk comes days after the white house held a forum on unemployment. and tuesday voters in massachusetts head to the polls for a special senate primary election to fill the seat vacated by the late kennedy. martha coakley is considered the front runner in the democratic race. festival of lights.
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friday the jewish holiday of han youka starts at sundown. top of the buzz bin this morning. sarah palin brings her book tour to the commonwealth. show drew a crowd of 2,000 in fairfax where she signed copies of her book going right. some fans camped out overnight for a chance to see the former governor. a meet and greet between the boss and the commander-in- chief. bruce springsteen is among the kennedy center honorees stopping by the white house later today with a meeting for the president. then on to a red carpet gala event. honorees are recognized for lifetime contributions to american culture and others being recognized include mel brooks, robert diniro, dave brew beck and grace hum bree.
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carry underwood getting ready for her tv christmas special. [ singing ] >> not quite a holiday song. but the country superstar is ringing in the holiday season with her very own star-studded musical special. she has christina applegate and dolly parton and even cary's mom makes an appearance. >> i didn't know you were going to do a performance. >> she's showing everybody where i get it from, if you will. so it's just a lot of fun. we wanted to show people a different side of me. i make fun of myself. >> and you can catch her all- star holiday special tomorrow night at 8:00 here on fox 5. >> a rock 'n' roll christmas there. well the president's troop surge under way in afghanistan. when it's all sedan down, some 30,000 troops will be in harm's way. will it work and what does this
8:27 am
mean for the administration's first year? fox news sunday gives us a preview. and we'll look back at today's weather and what is coming up for us. stay tuned. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ysimt aid
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this is the epicenter of violent extremism practiced by al-qaeda. it is from here we were attacked on 9/11 and it is from here that new attacks are being plotted as i speak. >> the president delivered a prime time speech to announce his new strategy for the war in afghanistan. an additional 30,000 u.s. troops will be headed to the war zone. those troops will join the 71,000 american troops and 40,000 nato troops already in the war zone, bringing the total to more than 140,000. and they will deploy almost immediately. but the president says they won't be there for long. some experts believe this will define the president's first year in office. fox news sunday tackles this
8:31 am
and a call from the white house for help creating jobs. chris wallace joins us with a preview. good morning, chris. >> good morning, melanie. >> we're glad you're returning to speak about this. >> we're going to speak with david patraeus, who will oversee the plan and the surge in iraq and how similar that surge was to that the one is about to begin in afghanistan. george bush announced a timeline for withdraw and sai we're going to start pulling troops out in 2011 but petraeus was dead set against a timeline and we'll ask him what he thght about this one. and there are interesting details coming out about the deliberation, the three months of war councils that went on
8:32 am
and at one point supposedly the president said to petraeus, although he's never publicly acknowledged the surge in iraq was a success, he supposedly said to petraeus, i want a surge in afghanistan. it ll be interesting to say whether petraeus is willing to confirm that. >> and another thing that has become apparent is one crucial outcome of the meetings is they change how they will define success. it's no longer just defeating the taliban. >> it's not defeating the taliban. and this is another interesting tidbit, supposedly general mcchrystal when he was talking to them firsby teleconference, he had a powerpoint presentation and he said objective, defeat the taliban and everybody in washington was going what is he talking about? we can't defeat the taliban. and they went back and looked at president's own strategy when he announced it in march and here was mcchrystal saying
8:33 am
what he believed the president had told him to d but now it's to degrade and break up the taliban so they're not able to establish a safe haven for themself or al-qaeda. but they realize, it's an insurgent group inside afghanistan. you can't defeat them or eradicate them. >> and also when the president was speaking, he made it clear that the economy is also very important and taking care of business at home. we had this white house job summit on friday. there were a lot of these feel- good phrases thrown around. do you really think any jobs will come out of this. >> the president will make another speech on tuesday in which he's going to begin to layout a very striped down -- they won't call it that, but a second stimulus package. they realized they don't have the money for another $700 billion stimulus, but talking about in the neighborhood of perhaps in washington only now would we say this is a small
8:34 am
number. $100billion for tax credits to small businesses or tax credits to homeowners or businesses that weatherize their homes or businesses. obviously extending unemployment benefits. so they're talking about a comparatively speaking smaller plan and also talking about using that tarp money, the money used to bail out the big firms, there is 200 billion either wasn't spent or been paid back and they're talking about using some of that to pay for it. >> chris, thanks again for your time. we don't want to call it a stimulus. >> no. no stimulus. >> thanks, chris. and you can catch fox news sunday right after our show. chris will talk with david petraeus and senators dick dush bin. the power player is george stevens today he's the producer of the tonight's kennedy center honors. and if you're just waking up and haven't been outside yet today. this is a live look at the aftermath of the first fall of
8:35 am
the area. several areas got several inches of accumulation and the temperatures dropped so that's creating ice on the roadways so be careful out there. you might not see it, but it is there so trust us. so please be careful when you head out there today. and even the sidewalks and driveways are crunchy because it's still pretty cold out there. >> and i don't know about, you i'm looking forward to a little bit of melt today. so gwen, are we going to get any of it? >> we are going to get some of it and sarah thank you for that because people have to realize how dangerous the ice is out there. any water yesterday from the precipitation is frozen overnight because the teams dropped into the 20s. and especially areas that have been untreated, side streets, if there is any overpasses or bridges, you have to be so careful because you can't see the black ice but it is out there. so slippery and dangerous. here is a look at true view for you. a few clouds to the west of us but other than that clear skies, all of the precipitation
8:36 am
off to the north and northeast. let's look at our weather maps and we'll show you where we hit temperature wise yesterday. it was into the mid-40s and then the temperatures continued to drop throughout the course of the day. and into last night, we went right through into the into the low 30s and 20s pretty much everywhere and we'll continue to see the cooler air sticking around. today's high only into the 40s. i'll have more details in the five-day forecast just ahe. back to you. >> thanks, gwen. you know most of us on average get to spend about $700 on gifts this holiday. or you could do something else with that cash. treat yourself to a holiday getaway. we'll show you some deals. that's coming up. plus the new york window display that is drawing quite a crowd and raising eyebrows too.
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take a lk at the new york city window display that is
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drawing big crowds. this is not your typical holiday display. model as comply their makeup, check their e-mail and undress to promote clothing line xoxo. to get right down to their undies too. it seems like it would be chilly but they're inside no. surprise the crowd gathered outside, mostly men. melanie. if shopping, cooking, cleaning and wrapping gifts and fighting isn't your idea of a holiday, why not get out of town instead. we look at great getaways to be had in this fox 5 money report. >> reporter: $700 is a lot of money. it's what the average u.s. consumer will spend this holiday, or for about the aim amount you could chuck the to- do list and get out of town instead. >> families are looking for creative ways to spend time together and in this economic environment they're looking for ways to do it cheaply and harkening back to what the
8:41 am
holidays are all about. >> first stop is the great outdoors. >> this is for the mind, body and spirit. >> virginia's 35 state parks have lodges and cabins for all size groups. this two bedroom fully stocked cabin overlooking lake anna is $118 a night. the activities including fishing. >> there is blue gill, catfish, striped bass. >> reporter: and there is also reading on the porch and fire side story telling. >> our cabins gives families an opportunity to get back to nature, but get back to being a family. >> if you want a guaranteed white christmas, hit the slows. snow shoe virginia has optioned of $195 and kids under 12 get free lift passes. >> and they have snow cat rides. >> reporter: and a christmas eve party too. resorts like the homestead in hot springs, virginia, really
8:42 am
know how to shine. >> its like a postcard back in time when you get into the victorian feel and they have a ton of lights. the whole place is decorated. >> reporter: rates start around 195 so you can go for three and still not blowing the holiday spending budget. bargains abound at winter beaches virginia beach puts on the sparkle for its visitors. >> they have a fantastic light show that spans the 32 blocks of the board wall. >> and rates around $80 a night. and packages pop up late november. a holiday cruise to a warmer beach isn't out of reach other. celebrity has a 9 night cruise to the bahamas from baltimore starting at $500 per person. bump your budget to $900 and you can sail christmas week on carnival. >> you can have a stress-free holiday season and enjoy the family without having to worry about the cooking, the cleaning, the relatives.
8:43 am
>> reporter: and focus your financial resources on making family memories. >> now there are a lot of options around. these ideas can inspire you to start thinking differently about how you spend your holidays. we have more details for you on our website plus the important dos and don'ts for holiday travel. well skin fans, if you think it's been a rough ride so far this season. most likely it's going to take a near perfect game to get into the win column. the burg andy and gold faceoff against the high powered and undefeated saints. we'll hear more from the team. and gwen, it will be chilly for the game day. >> bundle up today. we'll see some pretty cool conditions out there today and hopefully they'll just be jumping around cheering for the team so they can stay warm. >> hopefully they're winning so they can cheer. >> but definitely cold conditions across the area for today. and it gets even colder tonight. i'll have a look at your full forecast and what you can expect and all that all- important five-day is just ahead.
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i'm michael powell. and i'm harold ford, and we're with broadband for america. our country is preparing a national broadband plan to bring high speed internet to every corner of america. because even in these tough times, broadband provides new businesses the latest tools to compete and grow. and at home and in the classroom broadband gives every student the opportunity to succeed. our future's at stake. government and the private sector need to work together to get this right.
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some of the big stories we are following. the health care push goes into overdrive. the president is making a rare visit to capitol hill today. he's meeting with the senate democratic caucus to help rally the troops on a health care bill. lawmakers have been working through the weekend to try to hammer out differences. and the big talker of the day, the first snowfall of the year. more than 8 inches fell in some areas and it caused a slew of accidents including this 14 car pileup on westfield boulevard in chantilly. one person was hurt and road crews worked through the night to treat the roadways. but be warnedagain, we said this earlier, but some sidewalks are going to be icy out there, so as you kw, gwen. >> definitely. especially ones that weren't treated. and if you want to take a shortcut and go through the side streets, then you have to be careful, and the sidewalks and bridges and overpasses,
8:48 am
just slow down and take your time. we talked about the sun melting this afternoon. we'll see the sun come up and melt some of the ice which will be what we need. so that will be perfect. and in the meantime, here is a look outsides. a few clouds. not bad. a ridge of high pressure in control. so we'll see the skies clearing out fairly nicely. most of the cloud coverage is well to the west of us. so plenty of sunshine in the forecast for today. not bad. not as windy and not as much wind and cold today. so if you're going out, make sure to dress warm. temperatures will stay below seasonal and mid week, the next storm system is heading our way and we could see a little bit more winter precipitation. speaking of that. here is a look at where it all went into the course of last night and today. headed well off to the northeast. last night, by the time we were doing the 10:00 show, all of it was hitting p of-- new york and
8:49 am
new england. we'll stay dry today which will be nice. let's look at snowfall yesterday. in parts ofaryland, we reached 7.3 inches in damascus. 2.3 in buoy. and as far as virginia is concerned, national airport, not very much. a 10th of an inch. 8 at wild airers, virginia. in fairfax, 3.8 inches. and in west virginia, they got their fair share. 7.8 inches in west virginia. in cherry grove, 8 inches of snowfall. this is an examle of some snowfalls in some of our neighborhoods. so a fair amount for our first winter storm. 46 degrees at national airport. 45 at dulles and 44 at baltimore. those were the highs yesterday. and right now it's cold outside. look at this. 32 degrees at national. 25 degrees at manassas. 26 at dulles. the mid-atlantic is 33 in new york.
8:50 am
31 in richmond. and the cold air isn't going anywhere. it ll stick around. windchill factors, this is what it feels like if you step outside. they're not as bad as yesterday when we had stronger wind gusts, but look at the temperatures across the northern plains. southsingle-digits. ridge of high pressure, sunny and cold today sitting over us tonight. we'll have cold and chilly conditions tonight. this dry cold front moves through on monday but our next storm system will affect us into the tuesday-wednesday period. heading to the game today. kick off around 20 degrees and sunny and cold and take the extra blanket and keep warm. sunny today and not as windy, 40 degrees and tonight a very cold evening. 29 degrees. colder in the suburbs. tuesday night and wednesday could have some freezing rain
8:51 am
and sleet. will we see snow? right now it looks too warm. but the freezing rain and sleet another issue to deal with. >> thank you, gwen. he has a half dozen weapons to choose from. drew brees and the new orleans saints are in town. >> dave ross with more on the uphill battle. >> a huge uphill battle today because when you have all of those weapons, it's fun to have them at your disposal because you can pick and choose who they can throw the ball to. and that's what they do in new orleans. the saints are loaded. a new animproved defense led by williams. and today the burgundy and gold are faced with the task of shutting down the boys from the bayou. brees leads the league with 27 touchdowns and the higher quarterback passing of 128.6%. he has almost 700 yards of throwing than jason campbell and they are 11-0. carlos
8:52 am
rogers, how do you stop this offense? >> the secondary has to step up and try to shut that down and give them different looks and try to stop some of the perfect throws. i think we can stop him from throwing the ball 3 or 400 yards and give us a better chance. but offense is going to be the key to keep him off the field. keep them off the field, they won't throw the ball and offense has to hold the ball. and college football last night. alabama and florida for the scc title game and the winner plays for the national title game. this year greg mcelroy and they are up 27-13. and you are ban meyer concerned. and tim tebow doesn't make mistakes, right? wrong. pick right there but gilbert
8:53 am
arenas nephew and alabama rolls florida to buy their ticket. now all colt mccoy had to do was beat nebraska and they would have a date with alabama. and final seconds of the gay mccoy throws the ball out of bounds and they say game over. but matt brown says one more second, put it back on the clock. officials agree and this comes down to hunter lawrence, 46 yards. he sneaks it in and can you believe it, texas should be going to play alabama for the national championship. but cincinnati says wait a second. we're undefeated too. had to take on pittsburgh yesterday to stay undefeated in the big east championship and you can believe this game. deon lewis up the middle and pittsburgh goes ahead with under two minutes to go. but the extra point -- oh, no, pittsburgh only up 6, not 7. the fans can't bear to watch because the bear cats would come back and here comes the
8:54 am
quarterback tony pike in the final moments, 29 yards,ar mond, they win 45-44 and which is it enough to play for a championship. and last night against the flyers, the caps. so without no ovechkin, does that mean a loss? and matt bradley getting in a little how you doin? this is a cheap shot that puts bradley down. he gets a 10 power-play and do you think the caps took advantage? i think so. mike green beats ray emery and the caps up 3-1. and the power- play spilled into the second period, mike green in front and liking what they see, the caps store 3 times during that 10- minute power-play and they roll 8-2. college basketball yesterday, georgetown hosting american. and you thought this might be
8:55 am
easy. greg monroe had 9. and this is nick hend raw coming up with a steel and they were down just 11 at the break. but second half, too much georgetown. jason clark with the steal and no resistance for the slam and a.u. loses 73-46. george mason opened up conference play at wilmington. and an easy layup, right. wrong. that's a rejection. here comes mason because they're going to get the steal. and then you have ryan pierson up ahead for two of his 14 and they lose to george mason 57- 52. and fight, it is on. you want to see pacquiao back in action. you'll see him march 13th against floyd may weather for the walter weight crown that packyo took from coto. now here is the money situation. it will be a 50/50 split and the site yet to be determined.
8:56 am
it could be in vegas of course. or it could be at the new cowboys stadium in arlington. they can't fight may 1st because pacquiao is running for congress in the philippines and it's election time so they have to fight on march 13th, expected to be the highest grossing fight of all time. because it's supposed to be $60 for a pay-per-view. they're expected to get close to 3 million buys. they have 2.4 buys when may weather fought de la hoya in 2007. they could make $40 to $50 million a piece. >> and how much is it to watch a fight in person, if you can get a ticket? >> i couldn't imagine what it would cost to be ringside in vegas or where ever it is. >> we'll see if you can get you one. >> we'll get on that. thank you. well what takes 200 people 30 days and 1.2 million light
8:57 am
bulbs to complete? >> we have the record breaking christmas tree. (dial-up modem) remember when connections to the internet sounded like this -
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when high speed internet was out of reach of most amican families and small businesses? as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private investment, and the internet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead - investing some thirty-eight billion dollars in our wired and wireless networks over the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. and check for clogged pipes.
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if that's not it we dig by the septic tank and check for leaks. if it's not there, we dig up the leech field 'til we find the problem. this 60 year old tree might have to go. average repair costs six thousand dollars. monthly maintenance with rid-x? about six dollars. (announcer) rid-x uses 100% natural bacteria and enzymes to break down waste, even paper. use rid-x monthly to help keep your septic system operating efficiently between pumpings. mexico city ushered in the christmas season by lighting the world's biggest chrisas tree. the nearly 361-foot tree shattered the guinness world record set last year by br


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